Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday is my 10 reading or book related goals for 2013:

  1. To read at least 10 books from my 2013 book list.
  2. Read more series books. I have about 20 different series on my bookshelf that I haven't yet read so this year I want to read them.
  3. Read more books from different genres. I normally read the same genre of books I know that there are other books out there that I will like that are in a different genre because I own some.
  4. Read more books that have inspired films or T. V. shows before watching them. This is an important one for me because I have seen all the Twilight and Harry Potter films and I now don't want to read the books because I feel it will spoil the films for me.
  5. Don't take on to much. I have been getting emails asking me to read review books and I have been accepting them all knowing I won't have time to read them. So I am now only going to accept review books if the author doesn't want it read by a certain date and if I know for a fact I will have time to read them.
  6. Finish reading a series before starting another. I start a series and all the books are available (or most of them) and I read the first book and then I start a new series. I don't know if this is a good goal or not because I don't know if I will get bored of reading one series but I don't want to mix them up while I am writing my reviews.
  7. Post my book reviews right away. I need to start doing this because sometimes I read one or two books after before I write my review and sometimes I fins it hard to remember what the book I am reviewing was about or what I wanted to write in my review.
  8. Be aware of new book releases. There are a ton of books released every week that I don't know about, and when I do eventually find the book I find out it has been out for months and everyone else has already read it.
  9. Read the Twilight Saga. I seriously need to read these books they have been on my To Be Read list since I saw the first Twilight film, this year I am determined to read them.
  10. This is Probably the most important goal. Read more books. I read a few books last year but not as many as I wanted to (even though I met my goodreads challenge) so I want to use my time between year 1 and 2 of Uni to read as much as possible to read and hopefully beat my 2013 goodreads challenge of 30 books.

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