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I am looking for authors who would like to take part in an Author Interview (you can specify the number of questions you want me to ask), a Book Tour, or maybe you want me to host a giveaway for you or want me to do a Cover Reveal. I can also do a feature on you upcoming book. I have done all of these things before.

I am not asking so that I can receive free items as I do not want anything other than to help YOU as an author expand your fan base and promote new books and even old books also to tell readers a bit about yourself

For ME as a reader and blogger this is to expand my blog, to help me find new authors and new books.

Since starting my blog in 2010 I have done a book tour for Tina Smith's Wolf Siren Forbidden book, I have done an interview with her twice as well as twice with Jessica Brody, Alyson Noel and Jenna Burtenshaw, I have interviewed Amy Plum, Chris d'Lacey, Rose Impey and a few others, most recently I did a Cover Reveal for Lisa Swallows.

I don't mind if you are a new author or if you have been writing for many, many years.

I am also looking for other bloggers who want to do a guest review or a mini interview.

The guest review can be about a book that I have reviewed myself with your opinion of that book or about a book I haven't read which could help me decide if I want to read that book.

The mini interview will just ask questions about your favourite book and author etc.

Readers, Authors and Bloggers:
I am looking for people to recommend me books.

If you want to take part in these visit my contacts page and send me an email.

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