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Review - McFly - Unsaid Things... Our Story

McFly - Unsaid Things... Our StoryRelease Date: October 11th 2012
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Prepare to meet the real McFly …

In 2003, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter came together and formed what would become one of the most popular and successful bands in the UK. Just teenagers at the time, they were catapulted into the limelight and had to adapt quickly to their new-found fame – and everything that came with it. Now, at last, they have decided to tell their story, in full and revealing detail.

Speaking with candour and their trademark humour, Tom, Danny, Harry and Dougie share both the stories of their own lives and that of McFly. They give their personal insights into their contrasting childhoods, the individual paths that led them to the band, the struggles they have each overcome, their love lives and, of course, their music.

Packed with previously untold stories, a lot of laughter and the occasional tear, Unsaid Things offers a privileged look into the lives of four guys who started out as bandmates and became best friends. Their unique camaraderie radiates from every page and by the end of the book, you’ll know them almost as well as they know each other...

If you think you know everything about McFly, then think again. Or as Dougie says “THINK again.”

It took me a day to read Unsaid Things and they did the right thing in bringing it out after 9/10 years in the music business as there is a lot of information in the book that wouldn’t have been in there if they had written it after 2/3 years of being a successful pop band. I found out so many things about the band that I didn’t know before. There are pictures that are exclusive to the book like Dougie's hair when he was younger so cute haha and they are accompanied by whitty captions.

The cover is amazing, with fantastic pictures of the band on the front and the back cover plus inside the book. When you open the book there's a patchwork of old tour flyers and some pictures of backstage passes. This book is very artistic inside and out. Plus the chapter titles are Typical McFly.

This is a great read especially for a McFly fan and for someone who whats to know more about McFly. It is full of laughter and full of moments that will make you want to cry (which I did), it's defiantly a must-have for every McFly fan.  I was expecting this book to be similar to other musicians books meaning it would be full of pictures and not much writing but in actual fact it was the total opposite and it is definitely one of the most tell-all autobiographies I've read.

The book starts off with a prologue in typical McFly fashion, each member of the band is being given a massage which turns out to be more awkward than relaxing haha. The
 book is in 13 chapters and each member has a paragraph and it is clear who is telling their part in that chapter because the members names are written in bold.

We get a glimpse of their childhood in the first chapter and there are a lot of details that not many fans (even the hard core fans) probably knew and it is shown that each member of the band had very different lifestyles before joining McFly. The second chapter is about how the band got together and how they got the name McFly and it's obvious that McFly were meant to be and they have put a huge amount of effort into the band that they deserve the success that they have achieved.

While reading the autobiography the band talks about their album Radio: Active and the reason why they decided to put it into the Mail on Sunday because they wanted it to be available to a wide audience. They also talk about an album that they have released that they hated and to be honest I don’t know why they hate it because it’s one of my favourites.

In the book there's a very detailed story about the “fling” between Harry and Lindsay Lohan which was interesting because I had only heard brief details of it at the time. There are also details about Tom and his ‘Dark Period’ during the Wonderland days and details about Dougie and his drink and drug problem (so glad he’s better now).

The book reveals several arguments within the band which no one would have expected especially at how close all the guys seem to be the arguments probably brought them closer together as a band. It also reveals how the guys felt when their website was launched and I feel for them having put so much effort into it and it not turning out like they hoped.

The band talk a lot about their relationships – especially Tom with his on-off relationship with Giovanna – even though the guys were not with the right girls at the start of their careers they all seem to be with the right girl now.

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