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Review - Lost by Ron Vitale

Lost (Cinderella's Secret Diary, #1)Title: Lost
Author: Ron Vitale
Series: Cinderella’s Secret Diary
Pages: 197
Release Date: August 2011
Source: Amazon Kindle Store
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: What happened to Cinderella after she married the Prince? Set in the late 1700s as Napoleon is rising to power, Cinderella embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to come to terms with her failed marriage and her inability to have a child. Torn between the Queen's insistence that she try all means necessary to conceive and her own desires, she agrees to travel to Paris to consult with a witch to help her become pregnant. Her journey leads her to find her long lost Fairy Godmother and aids her to solve the mystery behind her mother's death. Yet the Fey Lord, the Silver Fox, also takes notice in her and her world is suddenly turned upside down...

My Review: Lost is about what happens to Cinderella after she gets her happily ever after although in this story it doesn’t go as a happy after the wedding as Cinderella had hoped.

The story is set 10 years after the wedding, Cinderella isn’t happy with the prince due to his many mistresses. It is written between letters to her fairy godmother and things happening in Cinderella’s life like her wanting to go to Paris but the only way she can go is if she goes to see a woman to help her get pregnant. The queen thinks that if she got pregnant then the marriage would get back on track.

Cinderella tells her fairy godmother about being scared and about the prince being uninterested in her and the queens plans for her while she is in Paris but the fairy godmother tells her to be patient and that she is coming to save her but she ends up falling in love with someone while she’s waiting in Paris.

When Cinderella goes to see the witch she tells Cinderella that she can help her to escape her miserable life and Cinderella agrees to do anything so she can escape.

I loved the twists and turns and I can’t wait to get round to reading book two as I am dying to know what happens to Cinderella next.

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