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Review - The Anti-Prom by Abby McDonald

The Anti-PromTitle: The Anti-Prom
Author: Abby McDonald
Pages: 288
Release Date: 3rd May 2012
Publisher: Walker Books
Source: Amazon
Format: Paperback
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Synopsis: Popular girl Bliss Merino is ready to have the perfect prom. But when she catches her boyfriend making out with her best friend in the back of the limo, she has only one thought: revenge...Bad girl Jolene Nelson is the last person anyone expected to see at prom. Yet here she is, dressed in pink ruffles and feeling like a fool for believing that he would actually show up...Meg Rose Zuckerman is ready to stop being a wallflower and start experiencing life first-hand. But when her date stands her up, she finds herself on the outside yet again...Three unlikely allies team up for a night of rebellion, romance, and revenge in this high-stakes dramedy from acclaimed young author Abby McDonald.

My Review: I really enjoyed this book as I felt a connection to the characters when I was there age even though they are all completely different.

It’s the night of prom, a night where a girl is supposed to go to a dance with the boy of her dreams and have a great night, only for our three main characters this doesn’t happen. Bliss finds her boyfriend making out with her best friend, Jolene’s date is a no show and Meg just wants to have fun and dance with the boy she likes.

Bliss is the popular girl who has waited all her life to go to prom but it ends up getting ruined by her newly ex-boyfriend and her ex best friend. Bliss is mainly interested in fashion and gossip but she changes throughout the story.

Jolene is the school bad girl who has issues with her family and getting enough money so she can get away from her home town and go to college.

Meg is a geeky teen who is pretty but not popular. Meg is forced to drive Jolene and Bliss around all night instead of attending prom, but doing so she began to come out of her shell and she wasn’t so shy in the end.

Bliss and Jolene start talking and decide that they need to get revenge and Meg who turns up in the wrong place at the wrong time is forced to drive them around all night. The plans were to put a copy of Bliss’ ex best friend’s diary in her boyfriend’s dorm room so he can find out she’s cheating on him with Bliss’ ex-boyfriend. Jolene wanted to get back at her dad so she breaks into his office and steals a painting which she ends up burning on the golf course by his home.

The book is full of laughter and I felt like I was on the journey with them. There were some surprising twists that even I didn’t see coming. The only thing I didn’t like was the changes in characters point of view but I know it was necessary to keep the story moving forward.

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