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Review - Cindi by Lisa Scott

CindiTitle: Cindi
Author: Lisa Scott
Pages: 36
Release Date: 17th January 2012
Source: Amazon Kindle Store
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: Cindi wants a perfect match—of designer shoes, that is. When her stepmother gets tickets to the Jiminy Shoes trunk sale, it looks like her dreams are coming true. Until her stepmother refuses to bring her. With a little luck, Cindi finds herself at the sale with the shoes of her dreams, and a handsome man to boot. But when she dashes off with one of the shoes by mistake, her life changes forever

My Review: Cindi is a modern day Cinderella story, but instead of being told that she couldn't go to the ball is isn't allowed to go to a shoe trunk sale. Her step mother is really mean, she receives enough tickets for herself, her daughters and for Cindi but she gives Cindi's ticket to the neighbour who later on gives Cindi the ticket so that she can go to the sale.

The shoe trunk sale and Cindi has already seen the shoe's that she wants and she didn't need to keep searching the whole sale. These shoes are for display only but Cindi must try them on, so Cindi takes the diamond shoes off the display rail and she try's them on.

While Cindi is trying on the shoe's the owner tells her how expensive they are. He is surprised that the shoes fit Cindi as it is uncommon for someone to have size five feet.

The next minute Cindi spots her step-mother coming her way and without realising that one of the precious shoes is in her bag Cindi runs away as not to get caught by her step-mother.

When the hunky owner realises that one of the shoes is missing he set's out to find Cindi and the shoe and once found, Cindi's life changes forever.

This is a good short story if you are looking for something quick to read.

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