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Until I Die by Amy Plum

Until I Die (Revenants, #2)Title: Until I Die
Author: Amy Plum
Series: Revenants
Pages: 357
Release Date: 3rd May 2012
Publisher: ATOM
Source: Amazon
Format: Paperback UK
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Synopsis: Kate may have defeated her boyfriend's nemesis, showing off her sword skills in the process, but Vincent is sure that she will be at risk as long as they stay together. What's more, it's becoming clear that their relationship might prevent him from fulfilling his true purpose: saving the lives of others.

They might have the romance of the century, but will that be enough?

My Review: I loved this book more than the first but I honestly cried at the end R.I.P Vincent.

Kate and Vincent spent the entire book searching for a way so that they can be together without him having to die saving the lives of innocent, good people.

Vincent's way of staying alive to be with Kate is a dangerous way and makes him look really ill and Kate doesn't like it so she searches threw books and her grandfathers antique place and she finds a book that she thinks might help Vincent resist the urge to die. After finding this book Kate's grandfathers place gets burgled.

I cannot say that I can relate to Kate or Vincent but I do feel for them both. Vincent clearly loves Kate as he is willing to get himself killed to protect her. They make the perfect couple and no one can tear them apart long but the Norma kill Vincent and took his body away after killing him.

I cannot wait to get started on the next book I want to know if Kate, Jules, Charlotte and the rest of Vincent's Revenant family and friends can get Vincent back in time otherwise he will be gone forever :'(.

I loved the characters, I loved the plot and I love Kate and Vincent's relationship with Kate, I kind of hope that Charles isn't in the next book as he really acts like an idiot towards Kate, he doesn't consider her a part of their family even though she killed their enemy the head of the Norma.

I hope that Vincent is safe and well or I will probably end up blubbing most of the way through book 3, I also hope that if Vincent is safe and well that they find a way for Kate and Vincent can live happily ever after and that no harm comes to any of Kate's family or to any of the Revenant's well maybe Charles can die so that Kate will be accepted again by Vincent's family.

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