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Review - A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island by Tara Ellis

A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island (The Samantha Wolf Mysteries Book 6)Title: A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island
Author: Tara Ellis
Series: Samantha Wolf Mysteries
Pages: 106
Release Date: October 27th 2016
Genre: Children's Fiction
Publisher: Tara Ellis Publications
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: When Sam and Ally get a special Christmas invitation to Orcas Island, they have no idea that the small island has such big mysteries.

When their friend, Sandy, begs them to help her solve a troubling situation, they are drawn into a puzzle with layers of uncertainties. From secret meetings, to legendary ghosts, they explore the picturesque setting in an attempt to make sense of it all. 

But in the middle of their plight, a storm of the century bears down on them. Not only do they end up battling the raging storm, but also a criminal plot. Stranded and alone, can the girls come together to overcome their most harrowing adventure yet? 

My Review: Sam and Ally are visiting Sandy the posh girl from Camp Whispering Pines for a few days before Christmas, hoping to have a nice holiday with their friend Sam and Ally don't plan to get into any trouble, little did they know that they would be caught up in another dangerous mystery and saving Sandy's fathers company.

Sam and Ally hear about a mysterious ghost of a woman in red who is seen on Orcas Island, they find this interesting and hope to discover more about her, they didn't figure that this would create any trouble, little did they know that the ghost would help to solve other goings on on the Island and save Sams life.

Sandy's parents spend most of their time off the Island leaving them with the housekeepers, Sam gets strange vibes off them and when she tells Sandy about them she dismisses it because they are her friends and they are the ones who look after her when her parents are away from home.

One day while hiking on some of Sandy's property they find a small cabin run off  solar where a guy is living, Sandy is angry because he is on her families property but when they talk to him they find out that he owns the land that his home is built on.

After overhearing one of the housekeepers on the phone Sam tells Ally and Sandy what she had heard and wants to tell Sandy's parents but Sandy has another plan, she decides that she wants more prove so she suggests a picnic on the small Island just off theirs where the housekeeper was heard saying he was meeting with someone.

Eventually they discover what they have been up to unfortunately a storm hits and cuts the power so they have to use a back up generator and when they go to Sandy's bedroom they try to contact her parents who are away to tell them that the housekeepers are trying to steal her fathers work for their boss the back up generator cuts out, when they go and investigate they find that it had been tampered with and they cannot fix it themselves. This forces the girls to leave the house in the snow storm and head someplace Sandy finds safe but once they are there they find that they have no power either so they tell the owner what the housekeepers are up to and that they need to contact Sandy's parents to tell them whats going on but the housekeeper turns up and threatens the girls and injures the man who was trying to protect them.

Sam runs off out to the cabin in the woods even though the weather is horrendous to get help from the guy who lives in the cabin there but she ends up passing out from the cold thinking she is going to die, the man from the cabin saves Sam telling her that he saw her light in his reflectors and that's how he knew where she was even though Sams torch had died. Sam tells the man why she was in the woods and tells him that he needs to go and save Ally and Sandy because there being held hostage and someone is injured, he makes Sam stay in the cabin to keep warm and he leave and gets help.

When Sandy's parents finally get back to Orcas Island Sandy tells them everything and they discover that the housekeepers who took off in the storm on a boat ended up getting into trouble and caught by the police.

This story in the series was nice, it was great to revisit an old character and have her help to solve several small mysteries and a big mystery. I was an easy read and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the series that hasn't read it yet.

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