Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A message from Ashley S Clancy

Ashley S. Clancy
Ashley S Clancy is a brand new author who wants to remind readers how important they are to an author. She wants readers to know that without your support (no matter what you think of the book in the end) authors probably wouldn't feel inspired to write more amazing books.

Encase you never realised how important you are to an author as a reader here is what matters; your thoughts, opinions and reviews no matter if they are good or bad help make a difference to the author.

The Cure HotelSo Thank You to every reader out there who shares their thought and opinions about a book with others and leaves a review, it really is appreciated.

Ashley's debut novel The Cure Hotel is a gripping thriller, with a horrifying twist, where the dark sexual past of this tarnished building, can't be fixed by the new owner, who simply hasn't got the Cure in his blood.

The book is available now on Amazon. You can read all of the positive reviews for The Cure Hotel on Goodreads and see what the story is about.

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