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Review - Diary of Anna the Girl Witch: Foundling Witch by Max Candee

Diary of Anna the Girl Witch: Foundling WitchTitle: Diary of Anna the Girl Witch: Foundling Witch
Author: Max Candee
Series: Diary of Anna the Girl Witch
Pages: 171
Release Date: May 27th 2016
Genre: Middle Grade
Publisher: Helvetic House
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: What do you do when you discover you’re a witch... And that using your new powers destroys your soul a little each time?

Set in the Swiss countryside, this story blends ancient folklore with a coming of age tale about a young witch on the brink of womanhood. 

Anna Sophia has always known she was different. She didn’t know just how different until now. 

On the eve of her 13th birthday — in the orphanage where she’s spent most of her childhood — Anna wonders about her past. She never knew her parents, doesn’t even know where she came from. All she has to go by is an unbelievable fairy tale her uncle used to tell: that she was found as a baby, tucked among a pack of bear cubs in the wilds of Russia. 

To make matters even more complex, Anna has discovered that she can see and do things that no one else can. So far, she’s kept her powers a secret, and they remain strange and frightening even to her. 

It’s only when Anna receives a letter from her mother — a mother she will never meet — that she discovers some of the truths about her past, and begins to uncover the possibilities in her future. As Anna continues to learn more about her secret abilities, she finds out that her neighbors are hiding something of their own: a plot to harm Anna and her friends. 

Can Anna Sophia use her newfound supernatural powers to stop them? Can she fight back, without endangering her own soul? And maybe, just maybe, is her own secret tied up with theirs? 

Through a story of otherworldly magic, Anna Sophia finds a sense of real-world belonging. With its cast of strong characters, inventive setting, and engaging storyline, this fantasy adventure is a relevant novel for middle grade children or young adults. 

My Review: Anna is an independent and confidant young girl and the story follows her journey to discovering who she really is.

Anna lives in an orphanage and often wonders about her parents who she knows nothing about as she was found among a pack of bear cubs in Russia.

Anna is worried about her Uncle Misha because he hasn't been replying to her letters. Uncle Misha looked after Anna for the first 6 years of her life, he was the one who found her among the bear cubs.

When Anna is about to turn 13 she senses something is going to happen and she starts seeing and doing things that other people are unable to do like being able to see the moon when the sun is out.

She discovers that there is a fine line between good and evil in this new world that she is finding out about.

I liked Anna as a character and her abilities were cool. The story however might be a little more for teens rather then young children as it is a little dark in some places but it is a nice little read.

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