Thursday, July 21, 2016

Interview - Katie Salidas 2016

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?
My first attempt at a novel happened when I was still in middle school. Around 8th-8th grade. I had been inspired by The Vampire Diaries (book) as well as Queen of the Damned and really wanted to try my hand at writing a vampire story. Sadly, my manuscript was lost the year we moved to Las Vegas 1994 and I was crushed. I did not complete another manuscript for nearly 10 years after that, but since I rekindled the love of writing I have written 15 more novels.

Can you tell us about your upcoming book? And how you come up with the idea?
The book I am currently writing is very exciting for me as it will be a continuation of a series my readers are chomping at the bit for, as well as a cross over into my original series, which has been a long-time favourite of readers.
The book is titled” Fearless Little Werewolf and it will be book 3 in my Little Werewolf series and has a guest appearance by Fallon who is the sidekick turn MC of my Immortalis series.
It is expected to be out early this Autumn and if all goes well will spark a new storyline for both characters (Fallon – Immortalis and Giselle – The Little Werewolf)  allowing me to marry the series and bring back some of the characters from the Immortalis that have been waiting in the wings for their chance to return.
The Little Werewolf, (for those who are unfamiliar with the series) is about a lost little wolf who grew up away from the safety of a pack in the human foster care system. She’s secretive, aloof, and a lone wolf who has to learn what it truly means to be part of something bigger than herself and find her fur-ever home.

When writing about something you don’t know very much about where does your information come from?
I’m a google-a-holic! Seriously. I am always searching for the craziest things. My quest for knowledge is insatiable. I look up anything and everything that sparks my interest and can get lost for days in internet searches. Which of course hinders my writing time.

What is the easiest and the hardest part to write?
The easiest part of a story is always the beginning. I’m a bit of a pantser so I write what comes to me. Essentially I explore the story much like a reader does, allowing the events to unfold before me. As if I am merely chronicling the events of others, I often have ideas of what I would like to see happen, and then the story takes a turn I didn’t plan and I’m whisked away on the adventure with the characters.
The down side of this style of writing is it is very easy to write yourself into a corner and not know how to get out of it.
Writer’s block is a very real, very painful thing and when it strikes, it often takes a while to recover. Sometimes that recovery means deleting chapters and re-writing.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
I keep a close relationship with many of my readers. I have a street team on Facebook that I use as a circle of friends more than a platform for advertising. I regularly ask my readers what THEY want to see happen in books. My goals are to make readers happy. Yes, the story must come out organically, and it must make sense, but if I can honor my readers requests and wishes, I do try.
I am nothing without my readers.

Are there any of your characters you would like to work further with or is there a character in another book by someone else that you would like to add to one of your novels?
That’s actually what makes my current book so much fun. I have had many readers ask when I will return to the world of the Immortalis. When I realized that world and the world of the Little Werewolf were not too different, I snatched that opportunity. I am having so much fun bringing back old characters and giving them new life and purpose. This in turn will allow me to revitalize the old series and honor my readers requests to return and expand on that storyline.

Are there any authors you would like to work with to create an anthology?
I’ve had the honor of working with quite a few exceptional authors on anthology projects and cross promoting books. Secret Worlds, Shifted, Magick after Midnight, just to name a few. These multi-author anthologies were an awesome introduction to new authors I have never read before and gave me a wealth of knowledge on the herculean task that it is to put together these types of group collections.  I’d welcome more collaborations and cross series projects in the future. In fact, I will be included in another one later this year (title still pending) in the Parnormal Fantasy realm. The collection should be due out around Halloween.
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