Monday, July 11, 2016

Get to Know Me - Kevin David Anderson

Where do you live?
Sunny, Southern California in a small wine making community called Temecula.

Can you tell me about yourself?
I was born in middle America, but have spent most of my life on the west coast walking on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. While in college I had a variety of jobs, everything from working at Disneyland to behind the camera work in adult films in the same real world time and setting depicted in the film Boogie Nights. I spent 15 years in marketing and advertising working with entertainment and sports celebrities. I’m married, have two children, a mortgage and I drive a minivan. I’ve had seventy or so short stories published, one collection, two novels, and I’m an active member of the Horror Writers Association. 

Why and when did you begin to write?
I couldn’t tell you why, as I have no idea, but as to when, I know I started experimenting with writing in high school. I usually tinkered with my English assignments creating fiction even when I wasn’t asked to. This had good and bad results.

How long each day/week do you dedicate to writing?
It varies, anywhere from 6-20 hours

Do you use pen and paper first then transfer to computer or computer all the way?
I’m old enough that when I started writing way back when, not everybody had computers so pen and paper was the only way to go. Now its computer all the time.

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you take?
Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
How to Survive on a Desert Island for Dummies 

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