Monday, July 18, 2016

Get to Know Me - Katie Salidas

Where do you live?
I sometimes cringe when I have to answer this one because being from Vegas, people instantly get some crazy notion that I live in a hotel or spend my pay check gambling.  I do live in Las Vegas but sadly, I don’t have money to gamble and rarely ever make it down to the famous Strip for a little recreational fun. I can see the light from the Luxor though if I look out of my bedroom window though. LoL.

Can you tell me about yourself?
Hi. I’m Katie. And…. I like to write. That pretty much sums it up. Okay, okay, there is a little bit more. I’m also, mommy to three awesome munchkins. Two girls and one boy. And there is a husband around here somewhere too. Oh and three cats. Apparently you are not allowed to have just one. They kind of multiply on you when you’re not looking. But that’s it. I mean it. As people go, I guess I am pretty boring, so I do try and make my stories super interesting to make up for it.

Why and when did you begin to write?
Writing has been a part of my life since I was very young. I wrote my first story back when I was still in middle school.  It’s an escape for me. A way to get away from the day to day of the normal world and enter a world of magic and paranormal creatures.

How long each day/week do you dedicate to writing?
I try to get in at least 500 words a day. 1k if I’m doing really well, but at minimum I like to get something on paper each day. Even if those words are deleted right after, it is practicing the art that is most important.

What is your usual genre that you write in and would you consider changing it? If so what would you change it to?
I play in all genres associated with the paranormal realm. Sometimes I write more Young adult. Sometimes more fantasy. I even have a few naughty stories under a pen name. But the thing that ties them all together is that they have some kind of otherworldly creature. Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, etc…

When reading yourself do you prefer to read eBooks, paperbacks or hardbacks and do you stick with the genre you write or all genres?
If I have the book in print, definitely print! Otherwise, Kindle it is! And as far as genre goes, I read anything from Epic High Fantasy to BDSM Erotica. I am an equal opportunity reader. If it sounds good, I’ll give it a go


  1. Thanks for the interview. I am a big fan of Katie. Love her Chronicles series.

    1. Thanks for the comment, check back tomorrow for the full interview :D


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