Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Interview With Gareth Wiles

25098818     I Am Dead (The Great Collective, #2)

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?
I first started writing properly in high school, and I finished my first book I AM DEAD in 2009 after working on it for about five years. I'd written a lot of short stories and plays before then. 

Can you tell us about your upcoming book? And how you come up with the idea?
My latest book, which is a prequel to I AM DEAD, is called THE UNEXPECTED OCCURRENCE OF THADDEUS HOBBLE and is officially out in April. I have also finished my 6th book, which will be out later in the year. I am currently editing all 5 of my current books into one omnibus edition for a hardback release in the near future. I generally use everyday life to come up with ideas, giving seemingly mundane things a sinister twist.

When writing about something you don’t know very much about where does your information come from?
In my latest book I covered quite a bit of history, such as Charles Darwin on The Beagle and Adolf Hitler in his bunker, so I did some research by reading around the subjects.

What is the easiest and the hardest part to write?
The hardest part is making the plot last. I tend to write smaller stories then interweave them together to make a larger book. The easiest is character, as I know a wealth of weird and wonderful people to draw from.

Do you ever experience writers block? If so how do you find best to cure it?
No. If I feel like writing it comes very easily to me. I get 'in the zone' and it flows.

Have you written a book that you love but cannot get published?
I've written a few books that aren't out yet, but I hope to have them out in the near future.

Are there certain characters from any of your books that you would like to back to and create a book based on them maybe set in the past or future?
I've done that with the 6th book I've just finished, which includes several minor characters from my previous books who are being featured centre-stage.

What does your current protagonist think about you would they want to hang out with you the author, their creator?
My main protagonist Peter Smith is a bit of a misanthrope, so I doubt he'd enjoy hanging out with anyone let alone me!

How long does it usually take to write a whole book?
My first book took five years to write, but each one since has taken about a year. My 6th book is shorter and only took about six months. Once I've finished writing I leave the book for a month or two them come back to it fresh and edit.

How you ever created a character for a book that you were working on and then realised that they don’t work in that book and then used them in something else?
I've done this all the time. Characters tend to write themselves, and you can't really force them to do things they don't want to.

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