Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ring on Her Finger by Lisa Swinton

I was given Ring on her Finger for an honest review

This book was a fun read but not my cup of tea and I thought that some characters were under developed.

Ring on her finger is about a woman Amanda who has just graduated in Nursing who wakes up in a hotel room with a stranger in her bed and that was not all, she also had a ring on her finger and not just a normal ring but a wedding ring and was still wearing a wedding dress.

Amanda was supposed to go to teach how to help deliver babies in Africa after the summer but she wasn't expecting to get married.

Amanda had married a wealthy man Blake who knew what he was doing while planning the wedding as he was sober and she wasn't but when he tells his family they disown him until he has gotten a divorce but Amanda has no way of paying for it.

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