Thursday, January 01, 2015

Goodreads Challenge

Well I didn't manage to reach my goal of 30 books but that isn't going to stop me from picking 52 books to read this year for my '52 week Challenge' that I will post about later today.

I don't know if I will be able to complete this challenge but I am going to give it a good go I am going to list 30 books on a TBR 2015 post so that any book that I buy during 2015 can be added to the list plus I get review book

I would like to be able to read more book in a year than I have been doing as I want to show my youngest siblings that reading is fun and because I will be out of Uni from around the end of March beginning of April I will be able to catch up on my reading then if I am behind because of being at Uni.

Because I can read on the train to uni as it take about an hour and a half (not including exchanges) to get there I figured that if I read for those 3+ hours I could probably read the 52 book in a year just from travelling to and from uni but I plan on reading for an extra half hour everyday and an extra hour on the days where the boyfriend is at work.

I am also going to have surgery in a few days so I won't be able to do much so I will be able to sit and read each day between doing my essays for semester 1 plus due to the operation I will have to have physio so I can read on the train to the hospital for my physio session and on the way back.

I am not taking part in any other challenges other than read 52 book in 2015 so I can concentrate better on the challenge. I am counting Mockingjay as a book read in 2015 as I have almost finished it even though I read most of it in 2014 so when it comes to saying that it is complete on goodreads I will mark it down that I finished reading it on 4th Jan which will be my Week 1 book for my 52 week challenge.

So what have you set as your goodreads challenge for 2015? And do you feel confident that you can complete it?

Good Luck.

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