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Review - The Ambrose Beacon by Alena Gouveir

17828680Release Date: April 8th 2013
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Strange things have been happening in Evergreen, Colorado. People are disappearing, wolves are prowling the woods for the first time in seventy years, and strangers in black are showing up at the local schools.

For the Ambrose family, it’s a sign that their quiet lives are about to be changed forever. The events signal the beginning of a struggle that will either push them closer together as a family, or tear them apart. To survive, each of the children must harness the strange new abilities with which they’ve been gifted and learn to fight as one.

For Jeremiah Ambrose, the struggle to protect his children will force him to put aside his animosity for his brother-in-law Harper, and learn to see him in a different light. 

But for Harper, the burden is heaviest. He alone knows the truth about the strange events and what they mean for his family. Something is searching for the Ambrose children. And when it finds them, the fate of the whole world will be decided...

My review:
received a copy of The Ambrose Beacon to review.

I thought The Ambrose Beacon was a good read. It focuses on a family - A father, his 5 children and their uncle Harper.

The book has multiple points of views which after reading previous books I am now used to so it was easy to follow and I found it easier to connect with each character's feelings.

The more I read the more interesting I found it. The story flowed and had some suspense in the story line with its non stop action which made it great. I loved the fact it was about faeries that inherited magic powers.

There are themes in the story that the readers can relate to for example the parts about the school dance and the loss of a parent or loved one.

I love faeries and most things about fantasy so I really enjoyed the parts where there were the faeries and that that there could have been a bit more about the faerie side to it. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the fact that they were using their magic powers in public in front of non magical people which would never happen they would want to keep it secret. I so love creative worlds and creatures that are made up though.

I wasn't expecting the book to be so gripping I thought it would be another been there, done that book about magic, faeries and demons but it wasn't

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy books or just books about faeries or magic.

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