Thursday, February 20, 2014

Avenging Amethyst by Kaitlyn Price

Avenging Amethyst is Kaitlyn's debut book which I received for an honest review.

The book is about three vampire clans, the half breeds called Lovac, Zhulik and Nesmyrs which are presented in different and unique ways. You can tell which clan a vampire belongs to by looking at their eyes. Lovacs have purple eyes and Nesmyrs have red eyes (having red eyes makes them evil vampires)

Avery and her mum have been on the run the whole of Avery's life, but the story starts off with her mum unfortunately involved in an accident and ends up in hospital, while her mum is in the hospital a ghost woman appears and snaps her mums neck and then just disappears as quickly as she appeared and Avery ends up on the run trying to find answers to what happened to her mother.

While Avery who is a Lovac is on the run she meets Felix also a Lovac and she ends up falling further into the the supernatural world.

Kaitlyn explains everything to the reader so that they don't get confused as to who the characters are and I found myself really enjoying Avery's new world just as much as Avery did.

The book is my kind of book, I love fantasy stories about vampires, witches and anything magical. Kaitlyn does a great job of bringing the characters to life by into detail about who the character is and which supernatural group they belong with.

There are also a fourth type of creatures in the story called Dimidium's these creatures are able to keep the darkness calm by taming the beasts.

Lovac's cannot be with the same species/race meaning that they cannot get with another Lovac but they are able to get with a Dimidium in order to survive as they are Lovac's soul mate so to enable them not to go crazy from the darkness and to stop the world from falling into darkness, it helps to keep the world balanced.

The only problem is, Avery and Felix are both Lovac's and my feeling is that they like each other but unless there going to break the rules in a future book they cannot be together and this made me feel sad for Avery who has lost everything.

The plot is easy to follow as it is written so beautifully written. I cannot wait until book 2 comes out as I want to know what happens next.

I recommend this book to everyone even if your not a supernatural book fan because this is a new take on vampires.

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