Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Interview with Amy Plum

I read Die For Me late 2013 and I wanted to know where Amy Plum got her idea for the Revenant series from and what she had coming up in 2014 and she agreed to answer 5 questions for the blog.

1)  I love the idea of Revenants because I've never seen anything like them in any other books. Where did you get the idea from?
When I decided to write a paranormal romance, I had no idea what type of supernatural creature I wanted to use. I actually made a list with vampires, werewolves, mummies, unicorns...everything I could think of. And none really appealed to me. So I mixed two beings: gods and zombies. I actually called revenants "zombies" in the first draft of the book, but once Kate and Vincent kissed decided I had to change it. I used the French word "revenant," which means "spirit that comes back for a purpose." And little by little, the rules and mythology started falling into place.

2)  So far there are three books in the series will there be more in the series or do you plan on doing a spin-off or is it over?
There are actually four books in the series. I added a novella called "DIE FOR HER," which is written from Jules's point of view. It is only available by eBook, but my readers seem to really love it. As for writing more revenant books, I am considering the idea. Why not? :)

3)  When naming your characters do you give thought to the actual meaning of the names?
Some of the names I actually researched. I wanted them to be era-appropriate. So for Ambrose, I looked at African American soldiers in WWII and took his name from the list. Same for Jean-Baptiste - I put his name together from a list of Napoleon's officers. Jules was a common name around the turn of the century. Kate and Vincent were just off the top of my head. Charlotte and Charles seemed like names someone would give their twins in the beginning of the 20th century. Georgia is just Georgia. She couldn't be anything else. And some of the minor characters I named after friends - just to make them happy! :)

4)  What do you find the hardest part of a book to write?
That's a difficult question. I guess it would be the middle. The beginning's so exciting, and I always get fired up when I get to the end. But getting over the hump I suppose is the hardest part. Knowing that there is still so much to be resolved.

5)  What can fans of your work look forward to in 2014?
2014 is a BIG year for me, because the first book in my JUNEAU series comes out: AFTER THE END (May 2014). Also, the U.S. paperback version of IF I SHOULD DIE will be released in April, and that will include (in the extras) an epilogue written by Gaspard five years after the end of the book. I hope everyone enjoys (and agrees) with what happens to our Parisian characters!

Thanks so much for the interview.

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