Thursday, April 18, 2013

Uni, Cinderella and Writing

Okay so uni can actually be fun right now I to write an essay all about morals in stories and I get to read Cinderella :D this makes me happy because it is my favourite fairy tale.

To do the essay I have to relate it to other stories with morals so I have decided that I'm going to use Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Peter Pan.

For my lecture yesterday we were asked to do 3 minutes of on the spot writing about whatever we wanted which wasn't so fun because I can't do on the spot writing especially at 11am so in the end I just ended up doodling on the piece of paper and when the lecturer saw it she didn't seem to mind haha.

If you had to write an Ethics essay and relate it to children under 9 years old by using books as the moral which book or books would you choose to compare Cinderella with (keep in mind that you can either be in a mixed sex school or a single sex school) - leave a comment in the comment section.

Just a quick poll here:
I do my best writing after 5/6pm till early hours of the morning
When do you do your best writing?
A) Morning
B) Mid day
C) Evening
D) At night
E) Time of day doesn't matter

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