Monday, April 15, 2013

Review - The Vision by Jessica Sorensen

The Vision (The Fallen Star, #3)Release Date: October 23rd 2011
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Gemma thought she was trapped—that Stephan had finally won. But then time resets and she’s given another chance.

The clock is ticking as Gemma tries to figure out how to change the vision that ends the world in ice. If she can, then maybe she can save the world from Stephan and give her and Alex a chance at a real future. But changing visions can be dangerous, and sometimes one small mistake can lead to disastrous results.

This series just gets better and it doesn't disappoint.

I was over the moon when Nicholas was killed off that half Fae, half Forseer really drove me insane, he always seemed to be in the way of Gemma and Alex.

An the start of The Vision Gemma is trapped in a cabin by Stephen and she escapes and she gets sucked into a vision meets her father, he is trapped in the Room of Forbidden which is a place inside his head. While she is there he gives her some strange instructions on how to stop the world from ending and he gives her a crystal ball with a star inside it (not a real star) which she must use to correct a vision he changed but he doesn't tell her how to do it.

Alex and Gemma find out that the star was split and that the buzzing electricity they both feel is because they both have half of the star in them and to help save the world they must keep away from each other in order to keep the stars energy alive.

There a fair few near death experiences in The Vision and Gemma some how survives them all. Alex and Gemma relationship seems to grow even more and how there relationship changes. Gemma grew up in this book and learns a lot more about her powers and she finally becomes a Keeper and puts Alex in his place.and began to take charge a little more and make her own decisions. Alex doesn't like this, he realists that he can't protect her anymore like he wants to and in the end he leaves Gemma to find a way to save her

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