Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Life Undecided - Jessica Brody

5/5 Stars

My parents have been telling me for years that I make "bad decisions". But I never believed them. Because, you know, they're parents. And since when are parents ever right about anything?

But i'm slowly starting to wonder if maybe I was just born that way. Like poor judgement is in my DNA or something. Genetically predisposed to make crappy choices. When I was two years old I fell down an abandoned mine shaft and was stuck down there for fifty-two hours while rescuers worked around the clock to save me. Although my mom has always blamed herself for the incident, it was me who decided, in the seven lousy seconds it took her to zip up my sister's jacket - that it would be a good idea to chase the little green lizard right off the hiking trail and down a mine shaft.

And what have I learned since then? Thirteen years later? Well, judging from the slew of various emergency vehicles lining the street..... not a whole lot.

So it isn't until right now, at this very second - with the sirens blaring, the crowd of people gathering to try to steal a gossip - worthy peek, and the overall chaos of a good idea turned very bad - that I start to think my parents might just be onto something.

because then you're being handcuffed and lowered into a back seat of a squad car, you kind of have to start reconsidering the way you live your life.

Oh my god what a great book. This is the first book of Jessica's I have finished because I own it and not borrowed it.

I found myself mentally voting along but mainly voting on the ones Brooklyn wanted but not because that is what she would want but because they are the ones I would actually vote for.

I knew that Jessica would make it so Brooklyn got with Brian instead of Hunter in the end and at first I wanted her to be with Hunter and I know a lot of people would feel the same way as me but after the Hotel bathroom scene and they way Brooklyn was acting before then - like she was actually having fun for the first time in a long time - I wanted her to be with Brian and glad that she was at the end.

When Shayne dissed Brooklyn at the beginning and made Brooklyn take all the blame for the model home incident that was Shayne's idea I didn't think that she was a very good friend.

When Brooklyn and Shayne became friends again I found myself shouting at the book (which is something I do all the time) telling Brooklyn not to be friends with her and I'm glad that in the end Brooklyn realised that she made the wrong choice by getting involved with Shayne again and ditched her to declare her love to Brian.

I got the sense that Brooklyn and Mrs Moody actually like each other and enjoyed each other company. So when she died I felt sad for Brooklyn and was glad that she was given all the 'you choose the story' books.

From the start of the book you get the sense that Brooklyn and her sister Izzy hated each other (like most sisters do) but towards then end when Izzy came home for Thanks Giving I could tell that she was acting strange and wasn't sure why but when she ended up in hospital I was glad that they made up and that Izzy admitted that she isn't the perfect role model that her parent's made her out to be and that she to does make mistakes even though she tried to be a good role model.

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