Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Necessity Decrees - Carola Robert

2/5 Stars

'What Necessity Decrees' offers an astounding new theory of conscious evolution based on relationship. By defining the tensions of increasing relating-awareness as the catalyst for man's emerging conscious necessity, it explores the implications of relationship.

As it crystallizes the essence of texts like the ancient Greek myths, the bible and the Arthurian legends, it unlocks the code of human condition hidden in these scripts. Thereby re-interpreting the story of conscious beginnings, it describes what happens when the tensions and pain of this process are inappropriately 'resolved' by consecutive generations and how each new generation reflectes not only the challenge itself but its various outcomes in lineage.

Based on 12 psychological archetypes the book then explains how in-divi-duality (internally divided duality) moves further apart in every generation, thereby polarizing the next one. Until biblical references like 'the sacrifice' and 'redemption of sin' become understood as the signs of negatively resolved, conscious evolution, that call for the full realisation of relationship.

I found this a quick read. It is full of essay-like insights into relationships with some very interesting points.  The writing style is heavy on long words and not the easiest to understand, but Carola gets some of her good ideas across even though I found it a hard read rather than an easy one.

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