Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunburnt - M. D Keating

2/5 stars

An unemployed alcoholic writer, coping with the death of his father, is unwittingly drawn into a scandal of EPIC proportions, when his estranged childhood best friend, now a very successful offshore banker, disappears with BILLIONS of dollars that don’t belong to him … Follow our unlikely hero through a collage of rogue characters into a dangerous world of CORRUPTION, GREED, DRUGS, ARMS, and WAR

I don't know what to say about this book. I read it while I was off college with a Kidney infection and was happy because it didn't take to long to read which I like because it means I can read more books.

The book is in script format (first time I had seen one like that), which I found easy to follow as sometimes I forget who is speaking but I sometimes forgot where I was up to because there are no chapters. Nothing really happened in the book that kept me on edge I didn't feel a connection between the character, and me, which is what I need to keep me interested in the story. I don't think I will read this book again (but my cousin is borrowing it) but maybe one day if I don't have anything else to read (which is unlikely) I will probably read it again.

But this is my opinion and you might like it.

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