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Saturday Review - Check Mate by Ken Fry

Check MateTitle: Check Mate
Author: Ken Fry
Series: N/A
Pages: 58
Release Date: October 29th 2016
Genre: Mystery Suspense Thriller
Source: Author
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: Prentice has an unusual encounter on the road one night, but thinks nothing of it. He has a well planned life, with no place for the unexpected, the uncontrollable. Oh yes, Joe Prentice has everything under control.

Until his wife disappears, and he meets an opponent who knows how to play the game.

Now, Prentice has to learn the hard way... that not everything goes as planned.

My Review: Check Mate was the first Ken Fry book that I have read, I was sent it to review.

I was a little unsure of if I would like it or not as I do not normally read thrillers but I was curious so I decided to give it ago.

Prentice - the main character - did not realize that firing a guy would make him want to get revenge.

The angry ex-employee tries to run Prentice off the road on his way home from work, Prentice then later runs over a cat and this starts off a whole chain of terrible events for him.

That night while watching T.V the power goes out, at first Prentice thinks it's a power cut until he looks out of the window and see's his neighbours still have power, he check's his fuse box only to find the cat he ran over, the cat falls off the fuse box onto his chest.

While cleaning himself up his wife Martha comes out sees it and screams and starts to throw up in the garden. Once clean, Prentice goes back outside and calls out for Martha but she is no where to be seen.

A little while later Prentice receives a call and finds out that his wife has been kidnapped and if he wants her back alive he has to pay a pretty large sum of money which of course he denies having.

Prentice's ex-employee makes his and Martha's life hell, but he makes a big mistake by leaving the phone in the room with Martha which she uses to call her husband, Martha explains that shes being held in a place that he had taken her to before to show him a work place.

Prentice realizes where Martha is being held and he goes to get her, the problem is the guy is waiting for him and they get into a fight.

I did not expect the book to end the way it did but it was a nice twist to a good story.

It was a nice short story and a fun quick read.

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