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Review - Goodnight Sam by Inger Iversen

Goodnight Sam (Running in the Dark, #0.5)Title: Goodnight Sam
Author: Inger Iversen 
 Running in the Dark
Release Date:
 November 18th 2011
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
 Inger Iversen Books, LLC
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Synopsis: An intimate narrative of the exchange between Samuel and Hope, told from Hope's perspective, this short story prequel to the Running in the Dark series sheds light on a frightening event witnessed by Beth, who later narrates book one of the series.
Goodnight Sam reveals the tragic history of Sam and Hope, who have existed as vampires since the eighteenth century. Sam has grown weary of the new world along with the escalating conflicts of his kind and wishes to attain peace in what is known as 'the true death', while Hope desperately desires to pursue a more fulfilling life together. The repercussions of the shocking mutual decision they make, and Beth's role as a witness to it, become the catalyst for the dangers facing Beth in the Running in the Dark Series

My Review: Goodnight Sam is a very short story about two vampires Sam and Hope told from Hope’s PoV.

Sam and Hope have been vampires since the 18th century and Sam wants to die because he has spent more than three centuries on earth, slightly longer than Hope who doesn’t want him to go because she loves him and doesn’t believe she can go on without him.

The story is a prequel to the Running in the Dark series so it is only a short scene which is full of emotion.

The ending was pretty sad and I probably would have cried if it was a full length novel and I got the chance to connect with the characters a lot more.

This is a great short read for any vampire lovers out there.

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