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Review - Echo of Fear by Tara Meyers

Echo of Fear (The Chris Echo Files Book 1)Title: Echo of Fear
Author: Tara Meyers
 The Chris Echo Files
Release Date:
 February 27th 2017
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Synopsis: Chris Echo, a CSI profiler, is forced to go on vacation after struggling to rebound from an officer-involved shooting. Playing vacationer isn’t her thing but the small, private island in the south pacific might be just what she needs.

Kyle Stone has been undercover for too long. With his goal in sight, he’s caught in a storm during his final mission and washed ashore the remote island. When the unsuspecting guests are taken hostage, he can either break cover to save them, or rely on his emotionless state to see him through.

Each of the visitors to the island arrives harboring their own, private fears. Fear of trusting, of letting go, of needing, and of love. They’re about to confront the ultimate fear of all, a struggle for life and death. But in the midst of the turmoil, Chris comes to realize that perhaps death isn’t her greatest challenge … it’s allowing herself to live

My Review: This is the first book in the Chris Echo Files series and it’s a none stop action packed mystery that kept me hooked from the start even with the two different PoV’s.

Chris Echo is on a forced break from being a profiler for the CSI after having to shoot a murderer what broke into her home after she had been hunting him for a while.

After getting to the island where there’s no WIFI or phone reception, Chris goes on a hike on one of the islands trails with one of the resort employees. The trail reminds her of the trail near her home that she runs on.

At lunch all the resort guests learn that the beautiful island is about to be hit by a hurricane so the resort owners suggest that everyone stay’s in the main house instead of their cabin which is a good suggestion when the hurricane gets upgraded to a catagory 2 and hits the island.

While the guests are taking shelter in the main house Kyle an undercover agent tried to get the guerrillas to call off their smuggling deal because of the storm but the leader doesn’t want to listen to Kyle. Kyle and the guerrillas get stranded on the boat which ends up getting capsized and they wash up on the resort beach.

The leader takes the guests hostage in the main house where Chris and Kyle who don’t know each other’s real jobs try to keep everyone safe and alive after the mob leader shoots one of the guest.

After Kyle is made to help another mob member search the guest cabins Kyle finds out who Chris really is and he keeps it secret and manages to get Chris to help him keep everyone safe and take down the guerrillas.

Echo of Fear is great and I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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