Saturday, December 19, 2015

The First for Noelle: A Games of Love Expansion Pack by Deanna Dee

Title: The First for Noelle
Author: Deanna Dee
Series: A Game of Love Expansion Pack
Pages: 29
Release Date: 4th December 2015
Publisher: N/A
Source: Author Giveaway
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: In her sixteenth year on Christmas, Noelle wants a true love.

Noelle Peterson is sixteen and never been kissed. She has her eye on Trey Sang, but she can barley talk to him, never mind anything else. With a little help from her best friend and her goofy cousin, can she work up the nerve to approach Trey? Will this Christmas bring the first (kiss for) Noelle?

My Review: This is the first book by Deanna Dee that I have read and it was a fun little short story. The main character Noelle is waiting for her first kiss but she doesn't want that first kiss with just anyone she want's it with Trey Sang, the guy she has liked for a long time, the only problem is she cannot seem to talk to him without sounding like a complete mess but unknown to her Trey likes her and at a Christmas party at the church on Christmas Eve she finally manages to have a real conversation with him thanks to her best friend Mary being in the church choir and singing a song that has Noelle's name in it. Noelle listens to Mary singing with Trey and she learns that she isn't the only one who gets teased because of the song.

When the singing has finished a volunteer cook Starla who everyone believes to be a witch - the story makes it sound like she is a witch too, - gives Noelle and Trey cookies that she has baked in the theme of "The Twelve days of Christmas" she gives them the two turtledoves.

I gave this novel 3 stars because it was short and I wanted to know more I had a few questions. Yes Noelle managed to talk to Trey but I wanted to know was it Starla who made it happen or was it fate? What happened between Noelle and Trey afterwards?

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