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Her Billionaire, Her Wolf: His Every Desire by Aimélie Aames

Her Billionaire, Her Wolf--His Every Desire (Her Billionaire Her Wolf, #1)Title: His Every Desire
Author: Aimélie Aames
Series: Her Billionaire, Her Wolf
Pages: 70
Release Date: 18th June 2013
Publisher: N/A
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: A billionaire story unlike any other--

She watches him every day.

For two months she has spent each lunch hour studying the enigmatic man in a restaurant always filled to overflowing; yet, for two months he is there each day in a booth all to himself.

Sara thinks she is safe as she drinks in every gorgeous detail reflected in the bar's back mirror. She asks herself who he could possibly be, convinced he would never notice her...convinced that no one ever does.

She could not have been more wrong.

Chance brings them together and animal lust is unleashed. But what she never could have imagined is far from being the strangest part of this tale. For there are shadowy figures holding the strings offstage and the manipulation of Sara Renardine has only just begun.

My Review: Sara goes into a bar that is close to her work place during her lunch hour for the last few months, she sits in the same place every lunch hour at the bar in front of the bar mirror so she can sit staring at a guy who sits in a booth by himself everyday.

After an incident involving a rude man and a Bloody Mary ruins Sara's silk shirt the lone guy forces the rude man to apologise to Sara and tells him to leave, after this the guy takes Sara to the managers office, kicks some guy out of the office and starts to search for a new shirt but he doesn't find one but Sara realises that the guy owns the bar. Sara and the mysterious guy end up getting it on.

The guy who's name Sara still didn't know, takes her back to where she works but she doesn't go back to work he takes her all the way up to the top floor and introduces her to his receptionist and he gets her to order Sara a new shirt and he leaves.

After the shirt arrives Sara goes into a conference room and changes and waits for the guy to come back, she sits in the room for hours before he comes back and when he does they get at it again even tho Sara is angry at him for leaving her waiting.

After Sara leaves the office a car pulls up next to her sent by the mysterious guy she gets in and it takes her home. When she gets home she finds a strange letter and a lot of money on the floor of her room.

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