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My Interview With Jessica Brody 2014

I had the pleasure to be able to interview Jessica Brody in 2012 about her novels. Now two years later I am interviewing Jessica again to get the gossip on her Unremembered trilogy, the Fidelity Files movie and what she has coming up this year.

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1)      First off any news on the Fidelity Files movie last I heard it had been optioned for film?
YES! I’m super excited! Some very talented and savvy producers from Australia optioned it and are currently working on developing the movie. No new updates yet. But I’m very excited to announce that the UNREMEMBERED trilogy was also optioned for film! By the producers of Vampire Academy, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, and Slumdog Millionaire! WOOT! They’re currently working on finding a writer to write the script.

2)     When you are reading what is your favourite part to read?
I love beginnings and I love endings. Those are also my favorite parts to write! I love seeing how other authors introduce their stories and characters and world and how they wrap everything up.

3)     When writing who are your target audience?
My target audience first and foremost is me. If I’m not bored out of my mind with what I’m writing, then hopefully no one else will be. If I can make myself laugh and cry and gasp in surprise, then I know I’m on the right track. After that, I don’t really have a target audience. I just want people to enjoy the stories I’m telling. Whether you’re a girl, guy, teen, adult, parent, grandparent. I’ve even tried to read the books aloud to my dogs. Although I will say, they are not my target audience.

4)     What do you think people search for in your books?
I hope they search for entertainment first and foremost. I do always have some kind of positive message or theme in each of my books but my first goal is always to entertain and keep you hooked. If I’ve done that, anything else you get out of it is just an awesome bonus!

5)     Do you use your own experiences to write your books?
It’s hard not to! I definitely put my own experiences in my books. Although now that I’m writing my ninth novel, I’m starting to run out. I better get out of my writing cave and start having some new experiences so I have something to write about!

6)     When naming your characters do you look at the meaning of the names first?
Not always. I usually search for the right “sounding” name. I always know immediately whether a name is working or not, just by how it looks on the page. Then I look it up to make sure it doesn’t mean something awful like “One who barfs.”

7)     How and what research did you do for the Unremembered trilogy?
I did a TON of research for this trilogy! Much more than I’m used to doing for my contemporaries. For book 1, Unremembered, I did a lot of research on gene manipulation, memory manipulation, and synthetic biology. For books 2 and 3, I did a lot of research on futuristic technology and what our society will look like in 100 years.

9)    Unremembered is the first series you have written, did you enjoy writing it or do you prefer writing novels?
I love writing standalone novels but the series was a fun challenge since I’d never written one before. Now that I’m done, I can say, I’m very proud of it. But it was really difficult. I’m ready to write another standalone again. Something contemporary. After that, who knows! Maybe I’ll get the itch to write a series again!

8)     What’s next for Sera and Zen now that you have finished writing the Unremembered trilogy
is it really over?
SOB! It’s really over! I just finished writing book 3, UNCHANGED, which will be out in February 2015 in the US and UK. I’m very happy with the way it ended. It was the ending I had planned all along. I am also planning to write another eBook novella that will come out before book 3. So I can look forward to revisiting Sera and Zen once more before I have to say goodbye forever!

But then we can look forward to the film!

10) Other than the release of Undiscovered and Unforgotten what can fans look forward to in
I don’t have much else planned for 2014. But 2015 will be the year of UNCHANGED! I can’t wait for you all to read the ending to this trilogy! I hope you like it!

I would just like to thank Jessica for taking the time out from her busy schedule to do another interview for my blog much appreciated.

To find out more about Jessica and her novels visit her at any of the following links:

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