Saturday, April 26, 2014

After Life Lessons by Laila Blake and L.C. Spoering

I received this book as a review book for an honest review

This is the second book I have read about Zombies this year and I decided to read this one as the last zombie book I read was a good book.

After Life Lessons is about Emily who has been hiding out for shelter with her young son because their world has been taken over by zombies who are not like your normal zombies, they are fast and they will attack anything or anyone that gets in their way.

Emily made it out of New York by travelling through storm drains to a gas station, where her son soon becomes sick with a fever, but luckily for them a car pulls into the gas station, in the car is an army medic named Aaron.

Aaron has been living in a van with plenty of supplies from the army base and he stays on the move as not to get caught by the zombies and helping people when he can, he meets Emily while trying to get supplies from the gas station she is hiding in, Emily is armed and is desperately in need of someone to help her sick son and she pleads for him to help and when he see's how sick Emily's son is he agrees to help them.

After Life Lessons is well written and I cannot wait to read book two so I can find out what happens next.

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