Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Goodread Challenge 2014

Well I eventually managed to read the 20 books for my Goodreads challenge of 2013 plus read two extra books, so this year I am really going to challenge myself and I have set my goal at 30 books because I feel that I have been slacking off and I could defiantly read more than 22 books in a year if I sat and read rather than watching junk on T.V.

Although my challenge is set at 30 I will be happy if I can reach 25, I have a list for my TBR which will be posted later today as I think I may want to tweak it a little but I am only putting about 25 on the list because I never seen to actually read them all I usually buy a new book and decide to read that next and forget about my list.

I've decided not to take part in challenges because I just want to concentrate on reading the books I already own and have been on my lists for the last few years that I haven't read or that have been on my kindle for a year or two.

What have you set as your goodreads challenge for 2014?

Currently Reading: Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter
Read in 2014: 0/30 books.

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