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Review - The Lost Souls by Jessica Sorensen

17985778Release Date: June 27th 2012
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Spin-off of the Fallen Star Series.

My name is Gemma Lucas and my life is good. Alex and I eliminated the star, along with Stephan and the Death Walkers. 

Finally I can relax and focus on freeing my father from the Room of Forbidden.

At least that’s what I thought. But things are never this easy.

Then Alex disappears without a trace. As I desperately search for him, I discover secrets I wish I could forget—secrets Alex has been keeping for me. And I’m not sure what to do. Or who I can trust.

Just when I’ve put the past behind me, Lost Souls cross over into the Real World.

This book was..... WOW it kept me hooked from the start just like the Fallen Star series. I love Gemma and Alex.

This Book introduces some new characters as well as brings back old characters - Aislin, Laylen, Nicholas and of course Gemma and Alex. They have so much to deal with in this book, The Queen of the Underworld as well as an attack by Fey (silly Aislin and her spells).

When Gemma tries to get Nicholas to help her free her dad from the Room of Forbidden she loses her Foreseers power when he is forced trick her.

Alex, Gemma and Laylen all get possessed. Alex by a lost soul which Gemma ends up getting out of him and also getting pulled into the Underworld. Laylen gets possessed by Alex and Aislin's great, great grandfather Alexander Avery who turns out to be the Queen of the Underworld and her sisters lover, and Gemma gets possessed by Lucidia. Lucidia eats her sister Annabelle before possessing Gemma so that Gemma stays dead when Lucidia has eventually escaped the Underworld and kills her.

I almost cried at the ending of the book and I am so glad that I am able to start reading the second one right away, I need to know what happens next because so much stuff happens and it doesn't get fixed.

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