Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Challenges Ideas for 2014

I've been looking on different blogs online for challenges I can do in 2014 and so far I've decided to take part in the Reread January Challenge because there are books I read a the beginning of last year and the second book is out either already or sometime in 2014 and I want to read the first one again because I either loved the book or I just want to recap on what happened before I read book two.

There are other challenges on the blog such as read 52 books in 52 weeks and Just for fun reading challenge. I would love do the 52 books in 52 weeks but there is no way I could do this challenge. maybe I will take part in that challenge in 2015 if I can complete my goal in 2014 and the challenge is still running.

I have decided to challenging myself to read as many books as I can off the BBCs top 100 greatest books as well as the 15 books I put on my 2014 To be Read list, because it is December now and I have read 17 books so far this year and I know I could have read more and I want to read at least 35 in 2014. I have made a start on my TBR 2014 list and I have 6 books on it. I am going to go threw my kindle and pick some books off there as I have over 1000 book on it and have read about 5.

This blog (novel challenges) has a lot of challenges the ones listed above are from that blog (except the BBC top 100) but they find challenges from other blogs and post them on their blog and give you the link to where you can sign up to do the challenge.

If you have any links to any challenges that you think I could cope with for 2014 please comment and leave the link to the challenge below.

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