Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Revealing Rexa - Ella Stradling

4/5 Stars

Legend tells of a great king, who used a magical charm to vanquish a terrible foe. Now the magic is lost and the ancient enemy is back.

Five years ago, Miyam was dragged away from the life she loved, as a revealer in training, to live with a father she hardly knew. When her father is murdered, her mundane world is thrown into turmoil once again.

A dark horde stands sizzling in the sunlight and travels by night, burning everything in its path. The queen lies dying and a pair of amulets, holding the souls of King Rexa and his beloved wife, must be reunited. The fate of the free world is in jeopardy and the blazing sky shall herald their coming.

This book was worth reading it kept my attention throughout.  It had everything you could want in a fantasy adventure.  Romance and intrigue, it had a fast pace and there was no dull moment.  The characters all had their own unique personalities.  The author truly captivated me with this book and the romance provided was satisfying enough to my needs that it did not need any heavy sex scenes

This novel came to an enjoyable close.  When it came to the end, it made me want to buy the next book in the series Awakening Sands because I enjoyed the book so much, and because it ends in a cliff-hanger.

Revealing Rexa, begins with the search for a lost amulet.  It must be reunited with the other that it belongs with.  The two were created for a King and Queen long ago, and after they died, their souls were bound to the amulets, along with the great powers that they held.  It was meant for the succeeding Kings and Queens to wear in order to protect the land and rule it honourably.  Unfortunately, the King’s amulet got lost and hadn’t been seen since.  The queen’s has continued to pass through the generations, allowing for some protection of the people, but now that magic alone is not enough.  There are dark forces at work that want to destroy the amulets and all of those who are living in the kingdom.

This forces the royal houses to seek help from a class of people, Revealers, who wield magic and are experienced in fighting and carrying out important missions.  Sand, one of the most powerful among this class, is tasked to aid the Queen and future King in their quest.  Along with them is Miyam, a woman with her own powers, and secrets.  Together they embark on a dangerous journey that will take them across the land into places few have travelled or even seen before.  They are the only ones who may be successful before the dark forces take over.

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