Saturday, January 01, 2011

Facing Up To Fatherhood - Miranda Lee

5/5 Stars

She's not my baby
When a beautiful brunette wheeled a pram into Dominic Hunter's office, claiming he was the baby's father, he knew he could not have forgotten making love to her! But Tina was convinced that Dominic was Bonnie's father - even if he did insist on denying paternity - and she was determined to make this heartless seducer face you to fatherhood.

Heartless? Even Dominic couldn't resist baby Bonnie, whether she was his or not.
Seducer? Dominic certainly couldnt' resist Tina; never before had he wanted a woman so much.......

He's sexy, successful... and now he's facing up to fatherhood!

Loved this book.

It was an easy read and under 200 pages long. The first time it took me a few days to read as I just couldn't be bothered in reading and I had college work. The next few times I read it in an afternoon which is great.

This is the first Mills and Boons book I have read. I really enjoyed it and wanted Dominic to be little Bonnie's dad from the beginning, but you never find out if he is or not as he takes a DNA test and then tells the doctor that he doesn't want to know the results.

Also I wanted Tina and Dominic to get together they are so opposite each other that they are perfect for each other.

Once I started reading it properly I didn't want to put it down or for it to end.

I have read it about 4 times and will probably read it loads more aswell.

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