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Saturday Review - Fire Sentinel by Erin Maxwell

Fire Sentinel (A Sacred Journey Short Story Book 2)Title: Fire Sentinel
Author: Erin Maxwell
 A Sacred Journey A Short Story Book 2
Release Date:
 May 26th 2017
Genre: Fantasy
 Erin Maxwell
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Synopsis: Journeying to the hot, volcanic plains of Qarkuma, Amaya seeks answers from her last journey, on the Ice Queen and the sword. With Cian by her side, she knows she's protected from the dangers within the fire, but it's not Amaya who needs to be protected. Someone else is watching and waiting for the right moment to attack.

My Review: In this second installment of the Sacred Journey Short Story series: Fire Sentinel, Amaya is on her way to Qarkuma with her guardian Cian, they are going to meet with Munzureo. Munzureo is the demon of Fire with knowledge of the sword lost deep in the plains of Palacous, and the Ice Queen herself.

What Munzureo doesn’t know is that Amaya has seen the Ice Queen and her sword and she fears for the swords safety. The only way the evil Nuare is after Munzureo and he pick just the right moment to attack her.

I am really enjoying these Sacred Journey Shorts and I cannot wait for Sacred Journey to finally be released.

Erin has an excellent way of using description to show what is happening, I enjoyed it but I really wished it could have been longer just like the last one.

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