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Review - A Moment in Time: A Short Story by Lyn Andrews

A Moment in Time: A Short StoryTitle: A Moment in Time: A Short Story
Author: Lyn Andrews
Series: N/A
Pages: 26
Release Date: July 30th 2015
Publisher: Headline
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Genre: Fiction
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Synopsis: A heartwarming short story of turn-of-the-century Liverpool from the bestselling author of THE HOUSE ON LONELY STREET, perfect for readers of Dilly Court and Katie Flynn.
Ellen Holt has grown up in the heart of Liverpool's slums. Each day brings worry and struggle for her mam and da and Ellen works hard as a factory girl to help her family. Together, they get by.

She has never imagined any other existence until one night she joins a gathering of suffragettes. Suddenly anything seems possible. But she's soon to discover how much courage it takes to fight for better. And, just when all seems lost, Eddie Shaw walks into her world...
Includes the first chapter of Lyn's captivating new novel FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE.
My Review: A Moment in Time is about a young 19 year old woman named Ellen who attends a meeting for 'Votes For Women' even though her mother doesn't approve of it because she is old fashioned.
Ellen was nervous about attending but she joined the crowd of women and entered the meeting. Upon entering the theater Ellen meets a young woman who see's Ellen and realizes its her first time at a meeting and gives her a purple, white and green rosette.
Once Ellen had sat down she had noticed that there were women there just like her, they weren't all stuck up rich people like her mother said they would be.
Ellen and the other women at the meeting were all their to plan to gain rights for women to stop their husbands or fathers from controlling their lives.
After the meeting Ellen is confronted by two men who don't like the idea of women being able to vote but another guy shows up just in time to save Ellen and scares the men away, he takes Ellen to a cafe to help calm her needs. This man is different from most and her is in favour of women's votes.

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