Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review - Druhall of the Seven Uniters by Alicia J. Love

Druhall of the Seven UnitersTitle: Druhall of the Seven Uniters
Author: Alicia J. Love
Series: The Seven Uniters: The Originals
Pages: 19
Release Date: October 16th 2013
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Smashword
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: Druhall has always been afraid. Orphaned on an alien planet, he has always relied on his twin brother, Dreemad, to protect him. But, their lives have completely changed, gifted with the powers of the universe and expected to fight in the intergalactic war. Can Druhall find the strength to fight? And can he learn to let go of his fear and stop relying on his brother to protect him?

My Review: This was a quick read and quite sad at the start, Druhall is a twin, he is also an alien brought up on a different planet than his home planet where he and his brother lived in a foster home and were picked on by other kids. Druhall is scared and doesn't want to leave his brother but he picks up the courage to do so and he manages to take down an army by himself.

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