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Review - Because the Baby is Now A Mommy by Juliana Alano

Because the Baby is Now a MommyTitle: Because The Baby is now A Mommy
Author: Juliana Alano
Pages: 107
Release Date: May 26th 2013
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
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Synopsis: The only time a positive sign ever seemed to negatively impact my life for a moment was when I saw it on a pregnancy test kit. I was 17 and I had just finished my freshman year in college. I was a small town girl, full of life, full of hope, and with big dreams. Being under the radar of a backward community in one of the small towns in the Philippines, I knew my life would change... forever. What's a young, teenage pregnant girl to do? With no job, no money, and with a partner who seemed to love only himself, I felt like I was doomed.

My Presbyterian university refused to take me in during my sophomore year because they considered me immoral for what I have done, forgetting the rest of all the good things I actually did as a student. I basically lost everything. My family was displeased, my friends were appalled, my community was judgmental. But I did not falter. I looked to God and my inner strength to conquer what I believe was not the end, but a new beginning in my life, a beautiful one.

This is a story that ought to inspire all the young moms out there, relating the struggles, the tests, the boundaries, the facts, and the possibilities of teenage pregnancy, and why it should never hinder anyone from ever hoping and seeing life as beautiful and livable as can be. "Because the Baby is Now a Mommy" is as real as it can get, proving that teen pregnancy, whether in the east or the west will be a societal challenge. But with love and compassion, it can be conquered.

My Review: This book is about a girl looking back on her life. It starts off by telling us about finding out she was pregnant at 17 to a guy she was in love with, she soon found out that he was a loser.

Having to quit college to have her baby boy and then she ended up looking after her boyfriend because he would come home drunk every night. In the end she manages to leave him and she moved back home with her mother and she eventually goes back to college.

While she was at college she started dating again but she was on contraception but it made her ill so she stopped taking it and at around 19 years old she got pregnant again by her new boyfriend, she now just graduating college and four months pregnant and not wanting to tell her mother she moves in with her brother and she tries but fails to get a job.

In the end after she gives birth to her second child she moves in with the baby daddy’s family and starts working for an online company.

Towards the end of the book she goes on to tell the reader about her dad finally sending her a visa so she can go and live in the USA, she decided to move to America leaving her boyfriend and her boys in the Philippines.

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