Friday, October 03, 2014

How long would it take you?

I was sat bored in one of my lectures yesterday so I was scrolling threw Facebook and found this quiz to see how long it would take me to read Game of Thrones series.
According to the quiz it takes the average person 424 days to read the whole series.

You have to read a small paragraph, answer three questions about the paragraph and then choose how long each day you read and then it gives you your answer, your reading speed (words per minute) and then it tells you how many books you could get through in a year.

You also get a list of books telling you how many days it will take to read them at your reading speed and number of hours each day you read

Here are my results from the quiz:
I could read the entire Game of Thrones collection in 138 days (286 days faster than the average person).

My reading speed is 108 words per minute.

If I read for 2 hours per day I could get through 48 books in a year.

How quickly can I get through some of the classics and current best sellers?

I could read this entire list of 47 classics and best sellers in 2 years by reading for 2 hours a day.

Game of Thrones Series (138 days)
Harry Potter Series (83 days)
Atlas Shrugged (50 days)
War and Piece (45 days)
Twilight Saga (45 days)
Lord of the Rings trilogy (43 days)
Les Miserable (41 days)
50 Shades of Gray trilogy (37 days)
IQ84 (32 days)
Middlemarch (24 days)
The Hunger Games Trilogy (23 days) - Currently Reading
The Goldfinch (23 days)
Ulysses (20 days)
East of Eden (17 days)
Moby-Dick (16 days)
Unbroken (13 days)
Mansfield Park (12 days)
The Storyteller (12 days)
Inferno (11 days)
The Silkworm (11 days)
Gone Girl (11 days) - Only heard about this from the film
Summer at the Lake (11 days)
Wild (10 days)
Dark Places (9 days)
Pride and Prejudice (9 days)
And the Mountain Echoed (9 days)
Madame Bovary (9 days)
Lolita (9 days)
Serena (8 days)
Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography (8 days)
The Maze Runner (8 days) - Only heard about this from the film
Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy (7 days)
Stay Alive (7 days)
The Hobbit (7 days)
This is Where I Leave You (7 days)
The Hundred Food Journey (6 days)
Portnoy's Complaint (6 days)
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer (5 days)
The Fault in Our Stars (5 days)
Brave New World (5 days)
Lord of the Flies (5 days)
We have Always Lived in the Castle (4 days)
Slaughter House-Five (4 days)
The Crying of Lot 49 (4 days)
The Giver (4 days)
Ethan Frome (2 days)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (2 days)

The books that are in bold I will probably actually read the other I either might or will never read and the underlined ones I have never heard of.

This test has proven to me that taking 2 hours a day I can reach my challenge even though I am currently behind

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