Monday, March 10, 2014

Of Royal Descent by Ember Shane

Of Royal Descent was sent to me for an honest review by the author. It is the debut novel of Ember Shame's, it is a New Adult Paranormal Romance which is my favourite genre to read, it is a fast-paced book in places and the first in the trilogy and there is some suspense throughout.

Of Royal Descent was a great read and it is the first book about zombies that I have read I'm normally a vampire/witch Paranormal reader so I was unsure when I was first asked to read it as I didn't think that I would like it but I am glad that I accepted this book to review.

This is also the first book that I have read where the main character is male but Doyle is great. We find out that Doyle was adopted and his family isn't the perfect family everyone hopes for but his best friend Chuck is always there when Doyle needs him no matter what and the dialoge between them both was brilliantly funny and not over the top.

Doyle goes through a lot during the book and in some places it is hard to digest but the writing is great for a debut novel. Doyle pines for something he can no longer have, he goes in search of his granddad after discovering a huge family secret but they end up being thrown towards zombies.

Of course a good paranormal-romance book isn't complete without a girl who the main character is drawn to, Doyle meets Addy at a diner and there is mutual attraction and they end up dating but things with Doyle are changing and he has a crazy dream that he doesn't want to share with Addy as he doesn't want her to think he is crazy, beside they have just met.

Doyle's dreams start to drift into his waking state and other secrets start to be revealed, secrets that are connected to his families history and he has to embrace that if he want to make it out alive.

Will Doyle and Chuck's friendship ever be broken? Who knows we will have to wait for the next book.

The plot is out of the norm for what I would read and I would recommend this novel to anyone but especially fans of paranormal and sci-fi.

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