Thursday, August 08, 2013

Saturday Review

I have decided that because I never seem to post my book reviews on the blog until months after reading the books and writing them I am going to start posting them every other Saturday even around essay times so that my blog has constantly got reviews up and I am also constantly reading.

I am not a very fast reader so if I post a review every fortnight then I am allowing myself a fortnight to finish a book which is roughly how long it takes me to finish a book anyway.

Around essay months (December, January, February, April and May) reviews may take a little longer to go up as I will need to concentrate more on my essays than I do on posting my reviews but once my essays are finished I will try and catch up on my reviews by posting once a week so that I am up to date.

I have made a Saturday Review banner so that it's just like all my other meme's

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