Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday is going to be a little different.
The topic is Top 10 things I love and hate about books, but instead of listing 10 things I like and 10 things I hate about books I will list 5 of each so that I have 10.

1. Cover Art
This is a good and bad thing for me. A lot of the time I buy a book because the cover looks amazing but when it comes down to reading the book it is really rubbish.

2. Deceiving Blurbs
This is kind of the same as number 1 because I always read the blurb before buying a book (unless it is part of a series then I just buy it) and sometimes the blurb makes the book sound amazing and it turns out rubbish and sometimes the blurb sounds okay but when you have read the book it turns out amazing.

3. Imagery
I love books that have brilliant description in them because I like to be able to see in my head what the characters are doing while I'm reading.

4. Holding my attention
I like it when a book grips me in the first chapter or two, if it doesn't keep my attention I get bored and it takes me longer to read it.

5. Series Numbers
I hate not knowing if a book is a part of a series before I buy it and what number in the series it is. This is annoying to huge reader like me because I have to go out and find book 1 and possibly book 2 before I can read the one I just bought. I have to do this a lot and sometimes I start reading something else before I am able to get back round to reading the new book.

6. Gripping
I love it when I have a book that I can't put down and end staying up till stupid o'clock reading because it's that good.

7. Conflict
I like to be able to love/hate a character because they have done something that deserves being hated for (eg. Damen being nice in the Immortal series which makes you fall in love with him, then him changing because of Roman so you end up hating him)

8. Believable Characters
I like to read books that have believable characters in them, if what a character does isn't believable such as having super strength in a chapter or 2 but the rest of the book they are a normal regular person then to me that isn't a believable character

9. Plots
I like a book that isn't just focused on the one plot it has to have lots of different things going on as well but has to relate back to the main plot/theme of the story.

10. Cliff-Hangers
I hate them because I hate having to wait for the next book to see what happens (Here's looking at you Jenna, Jessica and Alyson haha)

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