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The My Naughty Little Sister Collection - Dorothy Edwards

4/5 Stars

My Naughty Little Sister (Naughty Little Sister, #1)
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More Naughty Little Sister Stories (Naughty Little Sister, #2)
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My Naughty Little Sister and Bad Harry (Naughty Little Sister, #3)
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When My Naughty Little Sister Was Good (Naughty Little Sister, #4)
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My Naughty Little Sister's Friends (Naughty Little Sister, #5)
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Release Date: October 2002
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Book One: My naughty little sister is stubborn, greedy, and full of mischief. She tries to cut off the cat's tail; she bites Santa's hand; and she and Bad Harry eat all the pudding at Harry's party. How much trouble can one little sister cause?

Book Two: My naughty little sister is always getting into trouble! She gets mad at the photographer and refuses to have her photo taken! Later, she climbs onto the gate and nearly falls when she shows off to Bad Harry. Will my naughty little sister ever be good?

Book Three: It’s double trouble! My naughty little sister's best friend, Bad Harry, is just as naughty as she is! They make secret friends with a mouse and feed it bacon and cheese, and they pretend to eat their bread crusts but hide them instead. Together they cause terrible mischief.

Book Four: My naughty little sister is the naughtiest little girl in the world. She is guaranteed to cause mischief wherever she goes! My naughty little sister can be good - sometimes! She makes a Christmas pudding and she finds an extra special present for Mrs Cocoa Jones next door.

Book Five: My naughty little sister is always doing silly things. She's curious about what's in the chimney, so she sticks a feather duster up there. When all the soot falls out, she tries to hide it! But when she has measles she's itchy and sad and grumpy and has to stay in bed—and can't be naughty at all! How long before she's bad again?

I love these little tales of a little girl who is always getting into mischief and its funny to know that children are still like that now, maybe they don't bite Santa but they still manage to get into a lot of trouble. The mischievous little girl always saw the error of her ways at the end of each story which meant she wasn't always naughty. When My Naughty little sister is with her best friend Bad Harry they cause a lot of trouble because he is just as naughty if not naughtier than she is.

My favourite stories from the collection are 'My Naughty Little Sister and the Solid Silver Watch' it has been for as long as I can remember and 'Bad Harry and Mrs Cocoa's art-pot' because it is funny to see what things amuse young children.

I don't know if children in the 21st century will enjoy them as much as I did I was a child  because they are a little old fashioned. The books take the reader back to a world where children had more time to be a child and to spend with there family but I think they are totally worth a read and children will love these books even 60 years after being originally published.

The My Naughty Little Sister collection is great and every child should be given the opportunity to read them, the stories are short so children won't get bored and they will make any child giggle at the trouble My Naughty Little Sister and Bad harry get into.

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